Political junkies and mystery fans alike will find “Madame President” to be a novel that reveals as much about loyalty as it does greed and terror. Williams and Guttman weave a plot thick with characters that reveal themselves in startling and terrifying ways. These intersections of families and friendships give the novel a unique glimpse at the personal lives of those sworn to defend this country and those sworn to destroy it. From a literally explosive opening, this book doesn’t unfold but accelerates with each staccato chapter. They use rich references to history, with finely drawn landscapes from Georgetown to the Texas Hill Country and the mountains of Mexico, that reveal much about the people who inhabit them. Early on, the reader understands Machiavellian intrigue without ever having read political philosophy, and the writers capture the vernacular of the terrorist, as well as the Army Ranger. They unveil the personal life of the president, and the burdens the office places on those around her.

~ Susan Roberts, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, Davidson College