Testimonial – Brochure

“A terrific job! Thank you for a great piece of work and for being willing to work at hyper-speed for our schedule.” ~ Happy Client, about a recent brochure

Testimonial – Non-profit

“We are proud that our newsletter won an award from the United Way as one of the best newsletters among its member organizations. Thank you for creating a beautiful piece, on a tight budget and on time.” ~ Local Not-for-profit

Testimonial – Newsletter

“Kudos to you for your vision in putting together all the untamed parts of my thinking and your research. I’m thrilled with the results, as is everyone else in the company. We are going to submit it to our national organization.” ~ Client, for whom I...

Testimonial – Workshop

“The biggest strength of the program was the instructor. Mrs. Williams was knowledgeable, pleasant, and spoke from a position of authority. She was able to make the class interesting, while steering the discussion toward the material.” ~ Workshop...