Crafting Words for Your Business

I love words.

Big words, little words, fancy words, and plain words. All have their place. It depends on the audience, the kind of persuasion you intend, the story you want to tell. I work with words in all kinds of media, from journals to newsletters, marketing materials, articles, annual reports, business letters, and essays. If you are an author of creative fiction or non-fiction, and want an eye on your manuscript for structure and syntax to prepare for publication, I can offer you years of experience in the industry. Do you want to enhance your writing voice? I always keep in mind that it is your voice, your work and I can help you make it more readable and compelling. Whether you want something written from scratch for your business or want to give shape to your own writing, we can work together to create the results you deserve.

If our stories survive, we will not die, even when our bodies are no longer here on this earth.
~Nguyen Phan Que Mai, from The Mountains Sing

In My Own Words

I write about what I have experienced, what I remember from my growing up in Texas, travel, and world events.


I have combined my writing with my experience as an educator to create two workshops.

Madame President, a suspenseful political thriller

Madame President

Check out my book, co-authored with Jon Guttman.